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    Kagan Goh thanking everyone who attended the W2 Media Cafe World Television Premiere of Stolen Memories. The event was a huge success.  W2 was filled to maximum capacity with 300 people in attendance. The evening kicked off literally with a Big Bang! with the striking of the drum by the Chibi taiko group whose drumming echoed and resounded throughout the atrium of the building, loud enough to wake up the gods and signal the start of the night's proceedings. Then we had speeches by Kirsten McAllister and Judy Hanazawa, 2 leaders of the Japanese Canadian community who spoke eloquently about the film's significance to the symbolic healing with the Japanese Canadian legacy. Hadani Ditmars, a journalist whose article for the Courier newspaper written in 1999 was instrumental in helping me find the owners of the lost photo album, said a few poignant words about her involvement in the quest and film. I then read a poem entitled "The Enduring Flame" about the importance of how happy memories sustain us during difficult times and the enduring nature of love. I then presented a new photo album to the Kamitakahara family (the rightful owners of the lost photo album) as a symbolic gesture of a new beginning of a new generation. Once the screening was over, Imtiaz Popat my producer and I took the stage with the filmmakers who helped make the film for a Q & A (Joe Fitzpatrick the editor, Kirk Moses assistant editor and post production supervisor, Ralph Perez camera operator, Bo Myers camera and d.o.p. in attendance with Gary Delang camera operator). We recieved a standing ovation from the audience.

    All in all, the night was an overwhelming success and exceeded our wildest expectations. Thank you for your support in making the celebration of this momentous occasion - the culmination of the completion of a 15 year long project a success.


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